Firefighting Technology

Oil Separator

Oil Separator A special mobile separator has been developed for extracting oils on water surfaces and their subsequent separation, which can be seamlessly integrated into the ELRO products of the hazardous materials equipment vehicles introduced at the fire brigade. The oil separator consists of an upright cylindrical, vacuum-proof container. Inside is a pendulum-suspended skimmer, the position of which can be adjusted vertically from the outside by means of a handwheel. The optimum setting of the skimmer, i.e. the separation plane between oil and water, can be observed from the outside through a viewing window.

Collection Drum The skimmed oil flows inside to an outlet. A vacuum-proof oil collection drum is connected to this outlet with a hose. The oil collection drum can be emptied with a drum pump. An ELRO hose pump is connected to one outlet of the separator. If the water level rises to a technically predetermined maximum height, the ELRO pump not only sucks air out of the separator, but also discharges the excess clean water and conveys this directly outside.

Suction Scoop A light, flexible suction hose with a flat suction nozzle or a scoop is connected to a second outlet. When the flat suction nozzle is placed on the water surface, oil and inevitably a lot of water is sucked in. The two media enter the separator and the internal level rises.

Unique: The special feature is that the oil-water mixture is not pumped through a pump and thus no emulsion is produced, which would be very difficult and tedious to separate. This unit is the only small mobile unit on the market and can be loaded into the hazardous goods equipment truck.

Diameter: 56 cm, Height:150 cm, Weight empty 70 kg, Separation efficiency 90%, Flow rate: 100 litres/min

Complete system for use onboard a boat 


  • ELRO Shipping drum
  • NW250 Flange cover for ELRO Shipping drum
  • DN50 Suction pressure hose 5 m, 4 pieces required
  • DN32 Suction pressure hose 5 m, 1 piece required
    (DN50 can be used as an alternative)
  • Suction scoop with ELRO DN32 connection and extension to DN50
    ELRO pump for hazardous materials GUP 3-1,5 RV
  • Floating Skimmer

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