Firefighting Technology

Mobile Systems

Mobile Pump Test Rig: The mobile test stand can be used variably. Adjustable suction heights are absolutely necessary to enable standard-compliant measurement! This can be done by changing the height of the pump in an open body of water, adjusting the water level in a shaft or by means of a vacuum in a tank.

With the help of a throttle on the suction side, a standard-compliant measurement is NOT possible. More information on this on the page: Modification and repair

With a mobile system, without any influence on the actual suction head, only a throttle curve with the physically existing suction head can be recorded. Furthermore, it is possible to couple a stationary vacuum tank with our mobile system as required in order to carry out measurements in accordance with standards.

Mobile measuring intermediate piece: To visualise the formation of steam bubbles when the pump cavitates, we supply a special transparent nozzle turned from the solid in a visible length of 200 mm with a wall thickness of 15 mm. The nozzle is fitted with A-fixed couplings on both sides. It can be coupled between the intermediate measuring piece and the suction hose or directly to the pump.
When the cavitation criteria such as high suction and high flow rate are fulfilled, the formation of vapour bubbles can be observed at the suction inlet of the pump. This is accompanied by the unmistakable condensation noise in the pump.


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