Hose Laying Systems

Hose laying at up to 30 mph

The hose layer unit is a modular system that in each case can be tailored to the customer’s individual requirements. In addition, the system is designed for any number of hoses as well as for different hose diameters – in principle, A-110, A-125, B-75 and F-150 pressure hoses can be laid.

The only basic components required for the system are the hose box and the pick-up system with recovery chute and intake belt. However, a fully automatic transmission system is recommended for the (towing) vehicle.

The size of the hose box is determined by the amount of hose carried, the hose size and enough space to provide whatever reserve is necessary to store the hoses. The hose boxes can be built to take at least 800 metres of B-hose. A maximum of 5,000 metres of A or B-hose or 2,000 metres of F-hose can be stored – primarily due to the weight. Unlike the standard hose storage method used in Germany, the h oses are laid in bays arranged one above the other. The hose boxes can also be equipped with a partition in the middle or one vehicle can carry two different hose boxes. In this way, two hose lines can also be laid in parallel – even on one side.

The advantage of the hose box is the careful storage of the pressure hoses, in addition to the working principle, which is simple and requires little effort, unlike hose stored in bays, which becomes buckled and if a large reel is used requires considerable effort to unroll the hose.

When the Brändle system is used, the pressure hose simply runs out of the hose box. The hose line can be laid either from the middle of the vehicle or from the left or right-hand side of the vehicle’s path with no modifications to the vehicle required. Hose laying using these options, in terms of the vehicle’s position on the road – even in curves – is uncomplicated and safe, so that rearranging the hose line is usually unnecessary.

Hose laying at 30 mph


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