Hose Laying Systems

Hose laying & recovery

Child's play - The Patent "Brändle V/max" hose laying system, both advantages "fast and safe laying" and "super-fast easy hose pick-up" were combined.

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Ok, here we go!
Because the hoses are stored very carefully in the box, i.e. they are placed loosely on top of each other, they are pulled out of the box with virtually no resistance whatosever. When laid in curves or around corners, the hose is not pulled towards the inside of the curve. The hose line can also be laid directly along the left or right-hand side of the road by means of an ingenious deflection system that requires no changeover. This makes everything a lot easier and saves precious time, since the hose line does not have to be moved to the side of the road by hand to keep the road clear for any emergency vehicles.
Several hose lines can also be laid parallel to each other. 1 to 2 crew members can easily lay up to two hose lines at high speed. No assistant is needed on the hose layer unit or trailer during the hose laying operation. This minimises the risk of accidents.

Laying operation

  • Little manpower required
  • Hose is laid from the left, right or from the middle of the vehicle, as required
  • High time gains, hoses placed safely and efficiently result in tactical operational benefits
  • Depending on hose size, fewer booster pumps needed

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The "Brändle V/max" hose recovery system was developed to retrieve the hose line after use. The hose conveyor unit is mounted on top of the hose box at the rear. The system is powered by a 230 volt electric motor using a portable generator e.g. Honda 2.0 or via a 12/24 VDC - 230 VAC inverter. No power take-offs or complex hydraulic components are required above the chassis. When retrieving the hose, the hose line is picked up between the wheels of the hose layer unit when the hose line has been laid along the middle of the road. However, the hose can also be picked up from the left or right-hand side of the road as there is a guide ring mounted on the rear of the hose box. 

The hose is drawn into the hose box along a conveyor belt with high friction grip. This ensures that wet hoses can also be retrieved. The speed of the conveyor belt can be regulated using a pendant control station with potentiometer. This enables the hose conveyor unit to be adjusted to the driving speed. If the hose becomes jammed for any reason, the conveyor belt keeps running, which practically eliminates any risk of accident. When mounted on the hose layer unit, the hose box can be opened on one or both sides. One or two crew members can pull the hose into the hose box with virtually no effort. Reloading the hose onto the conveyer belt is done very quickly. Hose laying this way saves time and working until 11 o’clock at night is now a thing of the past.


  • Little manpower required and ready for operation immediately
  • Effortless retrieval of hoses via patented pull-in unit with electric drive – left, centre or right
  • Hose laying route and recovery identical (same in reverse)
  • Hoses can be washed in the recovery chute at the same time
  • Hoses dry out inside the box

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